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Case Studies

Insurance Website Development

Client Background

ShelterPoint has been dedicated to excellent service and independent insurance producers since 1972. Proud to insure more than 120,000 policyholders. As a leading carrier of New York State DBL, their product portfolio now, also includes employee benefits ranging from Dental and Vision to Long-Term Disability.

Beyond Key being the major IT partner, has helped FRL in all its endeavors.

Business Challenge

FRL being a specialist in employee benefit insurance services with its major product 'enriched DBL', wanted to provide its Brokers, Policyholders and Internal Users a secure and efficient web based application with functionalities to Submit Application, Quote Creation, Check Status of relevant records, Policy Servicing, License Updation and renewals, Claims initiation, DB 120 download etc.

Creating and maintaining this web site with proper navigation, data security and efficiency obviously required a detailed architecture, integration with multiple databases, and classification of services for their access control and exclusive logins for Brokers, Policyholders, Providers and Internal Users.

How BeyondKey Helped

To meet its changing systems and service demands, ShelterPoint turned to Beyond Key which developed and now manages the APEX award winning website .

Beyond Key with its team of Insurance Domain experts and experienced web designers could understand the criticality and the potential impact of the proposed website on FRL's business.

With their standardized and transparent processes, and high quality standards BeyondKey developed a robust website covering all the proposed functionalities and the company related information in the most efficient way.


ShelterPoint Insurance company registered a tremendous growth(x%) in their business through website.

ShelterPoint earned more employee satisfaction and efficiency in their operations.

The website won the APEX-2010 award for its overall content, structure, navigation, and look.

Non-Insurance Discount Cards

Client Background

ShelterPoint (ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company (formerly First Rehab Life)) is headquartered in Great Neck, NY, and licensed in 16 states. The company was founded in 1972 and holds the strong rating of A- by A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. As a leader in the NY statutory disability market, ShelterPoint writes ancillary employee benefits (Vision, Dental, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Life with AD&D) exclusively through a network of more than 5,000 independent brokers and agents.  ShelterPoint currently insures more than 120,000 employers.

Coverdell is a full-service marketing services company with offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Montreal. A renowned provider of loyalty and fee-income products, Coverdell has established partnerships with major financial institutions, corporations, and insurance companies across North America. With over 14 years of experience administering affinity membership programs, and over 40 years of retail marketing experience, Coverdell services millions of individuals across USA and is one of the largest providers of discount healthcare programs in the country.

Business Challenge

FRL being already established in Insurance market, was planning to expand into the non-insurance market, with 'Quantum Discount Services'.

ShelterPoint wanted an entirely new website ( for this brand, including a fully integrated online quote and enrollment system, with emphasis on easy and intuitive use. To ensure that the FRL producers can seamlessly toggle between their ShelterPoint & Quantum Discount Services accounts, they were required to use the same login information for both platforms.

This new non - insurance product was to be delivered in the market before the end of the Financial Year-2010(with very tight delivery dates), on the top of this, the new product was to be delivered in coordination with the Third Party vendor Coverdell, which involved an integration of data between FRL and Coverdell.

How BeyondKey Helped

To meet the tight deadlines, BeyondKey created an exclusive dedicated team for this project. The team comprised of Insurance and Non-Insurance specialists and analysts, Experienced Developers and Quality Analysts.

With high quality documentation, efficient processes and effective coordination of Beyond Key team with FRL and Coverdell, the project could be delivered on set timelines with high quality and became a huge success.


ShelterPoint Insurance Company made their successful appearance in the Non-Insurance market.

Beyond Key once again proved their abilities and earned the confidence and satisfaction of their Client.

Vision Insurance with Network Option

Client Background

ShelterPoint is headquartered in Great Neck, NY, and licensed in 16 states. The company was founded in 1972. With approximately $100 million in total earned premiums in 2010, the company holds the strong rating of A- by A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. As a leader in the NY statutory disability market, ShelterPoint writes ancillary employee benefits (Vision, Dental, Short and Long-Term Disability, Life) exclusively through a network of more than 5,000 independent insurance producers (brokers and agents). ShelterPoint currently insures more than 120,000 employers. Quantum Discount Services is the company's first non-insurance service. Visit & for details.

Davis Vision is one of the nation's leading vision benefits companies providing services to 55 million members from thousands of client groups in all industries, trades and professions, including many Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, labor organizations, managed care organizations and local, state and federal government employees.

Business Challenge

ShelterPoint (ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company (formerly First Rehab Life)) decided to introduce new Group Vision Insurance with Davis Vision network option effective May 2011.

ShelterPoint partnered with Davis Vision to add a network option to their redesigned policy. As a result of this partnership, all enrollees receive one annual eye exam and lens/frame at no cost from participating Davis Vision network providers. Enrollees can still visit any Vision care provider they choose under this policy but when they select a Davis reimbursement structure that our clients Vision network provider, they may pay less out of their own pocket. The out-of-network component features was to be kept the same as FRL's previous Vision Insurance policy. In response to market demands, all three plans were designed to have options of employer-paid, contributory, or voluntary contribution levels with simple flat rates.

The new Vision policy was supposed to use the same intuitive online quoting and application system that ShelterPoint introduced last year (working with BeyondKey)when launching their new Dental insurance. Producers were enabled to compare Vision plan options that fit their clients' specific criteria, compare rates, and generate attractive quote presentations. The goal was to continue to provide producers with a tool that is easy, seamless, and flexible.

The online system was required to allow producers to save and edit quotes and to auto-populate the online application with saved quote data. After Discount Cards this was planned as second product having a new system that ties together a paperless workflow from quote to policy generation.

How BeyondKey Helped

With a positive approach and well defined processes, the experts from Beyond Key, worked together with FRL and Devis Vision to create clear Requirement Documents, pre-understanding of Insurance systems the target dates could be met with great ease and highest quality.


ShelterPoint could provide their producers more products that are better geared towards the needs of their clients. In less than a year, FRL could launch new and improved Dental and Vision lines as well as a new AD&D rider for our DBL line.

Beyond Key is proud of their spirit and domain - knowledge which sets the pace for other efforts they are working on.