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Insurance Classification

Employee Benefits

We specialize in Life, Health, Unemployment, STD, LTD insurance and other Employee Benefits including Pension plans and Managed Care. Employee Benefit Service is dedicated to optimized customer service and prompt Policy Servicing which has to be driven by an efficient and robust IT support. We consider prompt Service and Experience our number one priority when providing services to an Insurance Client. The cost of Health insurance has risen dramatically over the past 5 years. Health insurance is now one of the top expenses a business has. Isn't it time you get some service for all those dollars?

Our Capabilities:

At Employee Benefit Services our service speaks for itself. We handle all aspects of your IT from Online application Submission and Marketing Pages to complex Compliance issues and claim processing. We are expert in Domain so that your company gets the best value for your health insurance dollars. We keep constantly updating our knowledge to be in synch with the changing market environment, legal compliance issues and other happenings in the industry.

We act as an extension of your IT department. At BK we make employee benefit services less painful and time consuming. While more upgraded, and hi-tech at the same time.

We have team that comprises of Technical experts and Domain specialists. Our organization is considered a premier organization with most insurance carriers, which allows us the ability to better serve our customers. Our top priorities are finding ways to save you money on your benefit package while providing a full range of most modern and innovative IT services to make your job easier. We also try to eliminate the everyday administrative issues concerning the human staff by providing you most updated automation solutions and help you become paper-less.

Our Experience:

Our staff has over 5 years experience in the health insurance industry, with same years servicing the STD, LTD, Pension, Life Insurance industries all over the globe. We would be more than happy to take a look at your current plans and explore your options.

Life Insurance Services

BK works with life insurance companies to help them position for high performance through consulting, outsourcing, technology solutions and software platforms solutions. We offer a range of consulting services that life insurers may tap to achieve process and operational excellence.

BK Policy Services for Life & Annuity:

Enables life and annuity carriers to optimize their operations and use effective measurement to understand how performance is derived and sustained. We help insurers create and execute plans to consolidate their systems, rationalize their operations and simplify their processes.

BK Underwriting Services:

Views the underwriting function as a whole, and strives for optimization by diagnosing all aspects of the operating model, and undertaking activity-based costing and underwriting data analysis. By helping insurers improve risk selection and pricing, BK can contribute to their achieving more improved and accurate data in loss cost, reduction in the expense ratio and increase in targeted growth.

P&C Solutions and Services

BK's Property and Casualty Policy Services can help insurers achieve high performance in a volatile market by modernizing their legacy environment and improving their operational efficiency.

This reduces costs and improves customer service. It also helps raise customer profitability by, among other things, supporting up-selling and the use of less costly channels. BeyondKey's Property and Casualty Policy Services provides:

  • Administrative support for underwriting and policy services.
  • Straight-through rules-based policy processing with extensive standardization and automation.
  • Decision tools that automate underwriting risk selection and pricing.
  • Industry-proven practices embedded within component-based software applications.
  • Leading experience in insurance processing, delivery and IT services.

Health Insurance

Skyrocketing costs and resulting healthcare reform mandates demand transformation from the healthcare community. Responding to this unprecedented change and achieving high performance means using knowledge in new ways—from the back office to the doctor's office - to helping our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare with our services.
BK delivers a wide range of healthcare solutions - rom addressing back office functions and electronic medical records to clinical transformation and consumer engagement. Our solutions are backed by real-world experience, business and clinical insights and innovative technologies.

Consulting Services

Create Your Strategy for Insurance Business Change and High Performance

Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, BK works to help insurance companies create value-based strategies and design change for ongoing success. We offer a spectrum of management consulting services that factor process analysis and performance benchmarks into transformation business cases and road maps to address today's insurance market challenges.

Self Insurance Support

We take care of your IT needs, irrespective of whether you are a small-midsized organization, which has decided/preferred being Self-Insured or an Insurance giant.

We provide you the optimum data management, records management, compliance related services at very nominal prices, keeping your cost limited and benefits maximized.