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Insurance Web Services

Our focus is on Insurance.

Beyond Key considers the insurance industry to be a dynamic and far-reaching business. And for good reasons, we embrace the latest technology. The insurance industry is data-centric and thrives on new technologies and communication methodologies. That's why we think Web services combined with insurance data standards will bring new efficiencies and better experiences for parties up and down the global insurance value chain - from risk management and underwriting to services, accounting, billing and reinsurance.

A major challenge faced by all branches of the insurance industry is governmental regulation and the corresponding reporting of data. Insurance is highly regulated throughout the world and on various bureaucratic levels from state to national to international. Reporting appropriate status to those regulators is less burdensome when utilizing data standards and creating standardized processes. Moreover, when you consider that different lines of business - workers' compensation or auto or liability for instance - require different customer data sets and thus forms, it's easy to understand why Beyond Key rates data standards and presence of Domain Experts in the team so high for expedient communication and reporting to the higher management and Regulatory authorities (MIS and Actuarial reports).

Based in Indore, India the 'BEYOND KEY SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.' was founded in 2005 as an IT service provider to develop and provide specialized IT services to Insurance clients. With the standardized processes for the U.S. insurance industry, BK now has a modern reach - as the needs of Clients have grown.

Today, the changes are prominent in insurance software industry and we are prepared to program changes, update new forms, code everything, test it, get it implemented, and make sure agents and brokers are getting proper and controlled access to the company data. With our Web services interface, updates are instantaneous. With Beyond Key it will be much easier for insurance firms to comply with government regulations, and all parties can be assured they'll be using the most up-to-date technology, reducing errors.